1.          Name:
The Society shall be called "The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society of Zimbabwe (BMBSZ)", hereafter referred to as the Society.  The said Society shall be duly registered with the Government of Zimbabwe.
2.         Aims:
Biochemistry is the study of living organisms at the molecular level. It involves the interactions in living cells - the synthesis, breakdown and excretion of the molecules. This includes the catabolism and excretion of xenobiotics or drugs.
The primary aim of the Society is to promote and review the study and application of biochemistry through research and development work in order to improve the understanding of the nature and significance of the interaction of molecules in living systems.

3.         Principle objectives:

  1. To facilitate and encourage the assemblage, acquaintanceship and association of
    scientists in Zimbabwe engaged in research and application of Biochemistry and
    related disciplines.
  2. To disseminate, discuss and publish results of research and related matters of
    interest in this field.
  3. To promote public awareness of biochemistry and its social and environmental
  4. To promote education and training in Biochemistry.
  5. To promote exchange of ideas and expertise among biochemical societies,
    associations, and related groupings outside Zimbabwe.

4.         Headquarters:
The headquarters may be in any agreed place. The affairs of the Society will be administered and controlled by an executive committee.

5.        Membership of the Society:

  1. The existing members of the Society shall be deemed to consist of persons, who at the time when the constitution comes into operation were entered as members of the Society in its enrolment of members.
  2. Membership categories:

Membership shall be open to individual persons or organizations that are interested in the promotion of the aims and objectives of the Society.

  1. Regular members:

Regular members shall be individual persons who qualify for membership.
(ii)              Student members:
Student members shall be registered, full time students of a recognized
institution of higher or tertiary education.
(in)             Corporate members:
Corporate members shall be bodies, institutions or organizations, other than schools, which qualify for membership. Individuals employed by the corporate member shall be entitled to the privileges of membership as defined by Article 7. Each corporate member may nominate two persons to represent it.
(iv)              School members:
School members shall be recognized institutions for secondary education. Full time staff, groupings or individual pupils shall be entitled to the privileges of membership as defined by Article 7. Each school member may nominate a single person to represent it.
(v)               Honorary members:
Honorary members shall be individual persons who have made a distinguished contribution to, or have retired from a career in the research or application of biochemistry and related disciplines.
(vi)              Temporary members:
Temporary members shall be individual persons not normally resident in
Zimbabwe but who are present within this country for less than eight months.
(vii)     Other:
Other categories of membership may be established on such terms, and with such privileges as the Society may determine e.g. affiliated, non-subscribing membership or fellowship of the Societv. Membership or fellowship of the Society
(c) There shall be no compulsory retirement due to age.

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