Membership of the Society

Membership to the BMBSZ is open to Scientists, students, industrialists, institutions, and to corporate organizations that are involved in fields that include:

Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Medical Sciences, Molecular Biology, Biological Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Food & Nutritional Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Microbiology, Agriculture, Chemistry & Brewing.

Membership categories


Membership is open to individual persons or organizations that are interested in the promotion of the aims and objectives of the Society.

Regular members:
Regular members are individual persons who qualify for membership.

Student members:
Student membersare to be registered, full time students of a recognized institution of higher or tertiary education.

Corporate members:

Corporate members are bodies, institutions or organizations, other than schools,have qualified for membership. Individuals employed by the corporate member are entitled to the privileges of membership as defined by the constitution.

School members:

School members are recognized institutions for secondary education. Full time staff, groupings or individual pupils are entitled to the privileges of membership as defined by the constitution.

Honorary members:
Honorary members are individual persons who have made a distinguished contribution to, or have retired from a career in the research or application of biochemistry and related disciplines.

Temporary members:
Temporary members are individual persons not normally resident in Zimbabwe but who are present within this country for less than eight months.

Other categories of membership may be established on such terms, and with such privileges as the Society may determine e.g. affiliated, non-subscribing membership or fellowship of the Societv. Membership or fellowship of the Society

There shall be no compulsory retirement due to age.

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